Gee, I’m popular with New York Times readers

The New York Times has an essay in their Bits Blog titled Apple Hopes to Re-Enter the Living Room, about the Apple TV. It’s wildly speculative roundup of wild speculation from anonymous sources. I posted a comment, not about Apple, but illustrating the ease with which speculation can invent futures. Apple articles always draw lots of reader comments (there are now 41), but to my surprise, my comment was recommended 31 times; three times more than any other comment (the next most recommended comment has 9 recommendations) and almost as many times are there are comments. To see what the article says and check the comments (I’m comment #8) click on the link above. A free registration may be required. Feel free to comment yourself or comment back here, unless you want to tell me you just saved money on meds, car insurance, or know a great site with hot links. <g>

UPDATE: After nine days, the NYT store has drawn 54 reader comments and my comment has been recommended 50 times. Was it something I said?

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