I’ve given presentations all over the world on many subjects including how to give presentations. I’ve used hand held 3x5 cards in a one-on-one presentation all the way to 20 foot wall displays for an audience of hundreds.

In the area of computer driven slide shows my favorite tool is Apple Keynote. While similar to the ubiquitous PowerPoint, presentations made in Keynote are simply more fun for both the speaker and the audience.

If you want to master Keynote ASAP I can coach you, or I can review, edit and help you revise an existing presentation for greatest impact. Apple has great tutorials on how to use Keynote, so enjoy them first. What I can do and Apple can’t, is work with you on your presentation content and the credibility of a presentation.

Contact me through this web site if you’d like to schedule my presentation, Outsmarting PowerPoint for your company or organization.

Presentation wisdom and coaching