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Did you ever wish you could have a personal CIO like the big companies do? Someone to develop an IT strategy that really works for your business or just someone to help you use your personal computer to do what you want to do? Or maybe you are the CIO of one of those big companies and would like to have an experienced Apple Mac guy to go to for questions like: Are Macs really an alternative to Windows for our business? How can I support the iPhone? or How can we develop a Podcasting strategy that works for us?

I’m Ashley Grayson, and after years of using Mac (and Windows) computers to run my own small businesses, I’ve found a way to share my expertise with others. If you want to know

I know how to wring business value out of Macs

more about the true value of Macs, iPhones, and how to mine those values for your advantage, please get in touch.

If you are an individual or family who would like to spend less time and money on computers next year, I can help you for less than the cost of having a single laptop cleaned of viruses by your local computer tech guy. When we are done, you will have a nice Mac that doesn’t get viruses, but has all the email, web surfing, and multimedia tools you will ever need. Heck, you don’t need me to buy a Mac, Apple will just sell you one, but I can help you get more out of Apple and their systems.

Please browse around my site. There’s a lot of free stuff here and you can see what I do.

You will find a high level list of my Mac expertise here. You can phone me at 310-548-4672 to discuss your needs, but keep in mind, I can’t give free Mac support on the phone, for that you should have AppleCare.


Your Personal CIO

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