Website Coaching


Need a website? Need a refreshed, reworked website? We are here to help.

Many individuals and organizations pursuing their first website or a renovated website lose the first third of their budget learning how to get the job done. “I don’t know what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it...” is an expensive way to develop websites and hard to justify in tight times. The YourWebCoach group can help. We came about because many YourMacCoach clients didn’t really have Mac issues, they had ISP services, web server or networking issues, so we’ve expanded our services to meet client needs.

Here’s a few areas where we can help:

Want a low cost but high impact site to get your customers to contact you?

Have a website developed years ago by someone who left the firm and it now needs an update?

Have a website built with Front Page, Dreamweaver, or ColdFusion and need more features or newer services?

Don’t  know what you have?

Are talking to developers and lost in the fog of: Java, PHP, ASP, JSP, Drupal, Joomla, Rails, CSS, HTML, XML, custom content management, WordPress, blog, Podcast, and other buzzwords?

Developers tend to work in one of three tool sets: the first tools they mastered, the hottest trendy tools everyone is using, or the tools they most want to learn next. Any of these motivations can work for or against a project. So when website buyers, like you, contact developers first, you pre-select how your job will be approached. This can sometimes work out, but expensive and risky. YourWebCoach will first assess how your site should work to fulfill its business purpose and develop a Functional Spec for the site that can attract appropriate developers and ensure they all propose solutions for a common goal, while encouraging individual talent and flexible approaches.

You can think of us as YourWebCoach for an RFP or more actively as a general contractor for your site. Budget us as the first 15% of your investment. We can save that on any project’s implementation and may save 100% or more by keeping the project from going out of control.